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Unleash your short game creativity with the all-new Cleveland CBX Full-Face. Featuring full-face grooves for unprecedented forgiveness and versatility, the Cleveland CBX Full-Face is your new go to wedge for every green side shot you can imagine. With an extended high toe section that makes flop shots a breeze, and a half-cavity design that offers that pure strike feel, the Cleveland CBX Full-Face delivers full-face forgiveness to your short game.

We built the Cleveland CBX Full-Face for aggressive players who like to take on risky greenside shots, but benefit from the added forgiveness of the cavity-back design and extended toe portion. Play your next round with increased versatility and without fear of those delicate,
finesse shots around the green. This is the Cleveland CBX Full-Face.

At Cleveland, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wedge design. The Cleveland CBX Full-Face offers unmatched short game forgiveness in a wedge designed for a majority of golfers needing added assistance on those tricky short game shots.

The key to a consistent short game is the confidence to hit a wide variety of shots. We engineered the Cleveland CBX Full-Face with that specific goal in mind, delivering the forgiveness and versatility that allows you to open the face for that delicate flop shot or square the face when setting your sights on the pin.

The foundation of every short game is spin, and in order to control your golf ball with different trajectories and stop it on a dime, you need wedge shots that carry lots of backspin. Cleveland Golf has always focused on maximizing spin performance, and our 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology delivers. With multiple layers of grooves incorporated into the Cleveland CBX Full-Face, you can be certain that your wedge shots will spin, and spin a lot.

To achieve that crisp, solid feedback every time you hit your wedges, the center of gravity should align where you strike it. With the Cleveland CBX Full-Face, the half-cavity design  features a toe-bias center of gravity for improved feel on every short game shot you can conjure up.


Loft  Sole Bounce Lie Angle Length Steel Swing Hand
56°  C-Shaped  10°  64° 35.25" D4  RH/LH 
58°  C-Shaped  10° 64° 35"  D4  RH 
60°  C-Shaped  10°  64°  35"  D4  RH
64°  C-Shaped  10°  64°  35"  D4  RH 

Steel Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge, Grip : Lamkin 360

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