Ecco M Golf Biom Cool Pro Boa Golf Shoe


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Ecco are one of the most renowned shoe manufacturers in the world, they produce some of the highest performing and best quality footwear that money can buy. They use the best of technology to make sure each style performs to the best of its ability and so that it does exactly what Ecco want and need it to do. The Cool Pro is one of the best selling shoes on the market for Ecco, and if you look at the design and the technology, you can see why.

These shoes are built to be fantastic in all conditions in all seasons. The Yak leather that is used offers top-level comfort, due to it being supple yet strong, keeping the durability of the shoe high so they last as long as possible. They are made with a Gore-Tex surround construction which helps makes the shoe 100% waterproof, allowing you to beat the elements and keep your feet dry from the rain. This tech also helps to keep the shoes incredibly breathable, allowing your feet to stay cool and fresh during your time on the course.

The Biom Natural Motions helps to make your feet feel more connected to the ground, giving you more stability and control when you are swinging each club. The outsole plays host to Ecco Tri Fit Grip which has a three-layer structure, one for stability, one for durability and the other for rotational support. The combination of these 3 things gives you an amazing base for playing shots and more traction when on uneven surfaces like bunkers. This will help you to generate more power by stopping your feet from sliding and therefore losing energy.

One of the other great features with this shoe is the Boa Fit System which helps to wrap around your feet and make them secure, again minimising any loss of grip, this time from within the shoe. The Boa Fit System gives you the opportunity to lace up quickly and adjust the shoes whenever you feel the need to on the course. The FluidForm soles which have been developed over 3 years give you unmatched comfort, helping to reduce stress and fatigue on your feet and legs so when you take them off after a long walk around the course, you feel nearly as good as you did when you put them on.

  • Boa Fit System
  • Incredible Comfy
  • GoreTex Surround Tech
  • FluidForm Soles


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