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Set Makeup
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Crisp, consistent impact, a solid feel and a flighted trajectory with added forgiveness are the result of anaero space-grade aluminium insert joined to a forged 1025 carbon steel body and forged 17-4 SS laser-cut face. To reduce fliers in the short irons and preserve spin in the long irons, the face is engineered with MicroMax™ grooves, combining steeper sidewalls with tighter spacing to allow four extra grooves. The Hydropearl 2.0 finish repels water for predictable, consistent performance from wet and dry conditions.

Aerospace-grade aluminium core (1/3 density of stainless steel) combines with 1025 carbon steel body and 17-4 SS laser cut face to ensure trajectory control and precise shot-making.

An aerospace-grade aluminium insert (1/3 the density of stainless steel) saves approximately 30 grams of material, allowing for tungsten toe and heel weights that elevate MOI to match that of the larger i210 iron, achieving a level forgiveness uncommon in a forged design. AlumiCore also contributes to the stable, solid feel at impact.

The fully machined face has new MicroMax™ grooves, combining steeper sidewalls with tighter spacing to accommodate four extra grooves for reducing fliers in the short irons and preserving spin in the long irons.

Tour-Preferred Styling
A thin topline and proper offset presents the clean, streamlined look preferred by skilled players. The hydropearl 2.0 finish repels water to ensure predictable, consistent performance from wet and dry conditions.

Higher MOI
Toe and tip weighting elevate MOI to reduce the stat area and achieve a level of forgiveness unprecedented in a forged design.

100% Inspected Manufacturing Steps
During development of the iron, PING’s innovation and engineering teams spent significant time perfecting the manufacturing process, which includes 100% inspection of numerous steps, including sole shaping, head polishing, face machining and head forging.


  • Tour-preferred feel and styling
  • Forged, 1025 carbon steel body
  • AlumiCore Technology
  • Forged 17-4 stainless steel
  • Laser cut face
  • MicroMax™ Grooves (tighter spacing, 4 more grooves) Fully-machined face and grooves
  • Toe screw, tip weighting increases MOI
  • High-performance Hydropearl 2.0 Finish
  • Every club 100% inspected during manufacturing process


Club  Length  Std. loft  Retro Spec  Power Spec  Lie  Offset  Bounce  Swing Wt. 
3  39”  20.0°  21.8°  19.0°  60.0°  0.17”  4.0°  D1
4  38 1/2”  23.5°  25.3°  22.0°  60.8°  0.15”  5.0°  D1
5  38”  27.0°  28.8°  25.0°  61.5°  0.12”  6.0°  D1
6  37 1/2”  30.5°  32.3°  28.5°  62.3°  0.10”  7.0°  D1
 37”  34.0°  36.0°  32.0°  63.0°  0.08”  8.0°  D1
 36 1/2”  38.0°  40.0°  36.0°  63.8°  0.06”  9.0°  D1
9  36”  42.0°  44.0°  40.5°  64.5°  0.04” 10.5°  D1
PW  35 1/2”  46.0°  48.0°  45.0°  65.1°  0.02” 11.5°  D2


  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Lie angle is based on Blue Colour Code at standard length.
  • Power Spec Loft is a fitting option for players looking to boost their iron distance or decrease spin to hit a desired trajectory window. The Power Spec is a custom-designed loft configuration that delivers a power boost in a calculated fashion without sacrificing the integrity of the club’s design.
  • Club bounce angles will vary slightly if ordered with non-standard loft specs.
  • Standard swingweights for graphite-shafted clubs are 1 to 2 points lighter than shown, depending on shaft flex.
  • Achievable swingweights depend on shaft and grip combinations.
  • Available in left- and right-handed models.

Note: Shaft weights listed are based on the trimmed length of a 7-iron and may not match the specs on the shaft manufacturer’s websites.

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