Ping PLD Milled Anser 2 Putter


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Ping PLD Milled Anser 2 Golf Putter (Custom Fit)
Precision Milled With Forged Steel Head

Ping proudly introduce the PLD line, which stands for Putting Lab Design, consists of four popular and proven models to ensure a choice to match your stroke and eye. Each is precision crafted to Ping's exacting standards and custom built to fit to your game.

The Anser 2 differs from the Anser with a slightly longer and narrower profile, and sharper corners, but shares its clean geometries. A center alignment line makes aiming easy. Stable, forgiving and accurate. A variety of tour-inspired options ensures a model to fit your stroke and eye. Each design incorporates PING's proven perimeter-weighting theories to deliver forgiveness and control for more accuracy.

Ping PLD putters are made from a solid block of forged, 303 stainless steel that requires more than four hours of milling time; precisely shaping every surface and radius to achieve the high quality and premium look expected in a precision-milled putter. The precision-milled face pattern, known as deep AMP (Aggressive Milling Pattern), is inspired by tour player feedback and provides the feel and speed control you need to deliver score-lowering consistency on the green.

A premium level of precision and detail, each PLD putter is fitted as standard with the Ping PP58 Midsize Blackout grip, designed to make it easier to square the face at impact.

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