Srixon AD333 (2021) Golf Balls - 2 Dzn Pack

Srixon AD333 (2021) Golf Balls - 2 Dzn Pack


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Srixon have brought out the ninth generation of the AD333 golf ball which delivers even better performance than its predecessors. This ball delivers fantastic feel and increased ball speed as a result of the new Fastlayer core. The flexible Spin skin with SeRM, a urethane compound covering the entire ball, allows the ball to get right into the grooves of your irons to give the maximum amount of spin which gives awesome control and grip. The new dimple pattern on the ball gives less drag on the ball which promotes greater distance and helps to keep the ball straighter even in tough windy conditions.

The ball is available in both white and Tour yellow.

  • Fastlayer core
  • Spin Skin with SeRM
  • Great feel
  • Mid to high launch.

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