TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls


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A quality manufactured ball offering effortless compression for dominating distance, with 3-piece construction ZnO Flex Core; energy transfer is maximised on the course for extended flight with superb soft feel.

'Soft Response is a multi-layer golf ball designed for even softer feel, and with our new Extended Flight Dimple Pattern the player can obtain explosive distance.”

-                   Eric Loper, TaylorMade Director of R&D


  • Effortless Compression. Dominant Distance.
    You asked, and we responded. We developed Soft Response after surveying thousands of golfers about what they need from a golf ball. It's designed for the player seeking soft feel without sacrificing distance.
  • Low Compression
    The low-compression core gives the ball a super soft feel and performance benefits geared toward moderate swing speed players.
  • Take Flight
    A unique Extended Flight Dimple pattern allows the ball to stay in the air longer at lower spin rates.
  • Soft Feel, Tough Durability
    A soft ionomer cover adds to the feel of Soft Response while also enhancing durability.
  • ZnO Flex Core™
    An ultra-low 35 compression Hi-Spring core gives you a softer feel while maximizing energy transfer and rebound at impact, resulting in dominant distance for the average swing speed player.
  • Extended Flight Dimple Pattern
    A shallower U-shaped dimple promotes decreased drag and increased lift, so the ball stays in the air for longer even at lower spin rates.
  • Ionomer Cover
    A soft ionomer cover increases greenside feel, but also achieves improved scuff resistance, shear resistance and overall durability

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