Titleist Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Custom Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Custom Wedge


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The Titleist SM8 Vokey wedge has established a new performance standard. By improving on distance control, shot versatility, and spin, to give you the confidence and belief you can make the shot. Now available in an ultra-premium slate blue finished material, a time-intensive application process that yields an extremely durable and deep, rich slate blue colour.

The Titleist Wedge Features:

  • 100% Inspected Spin Milled Grooves
  • Reimagined Progressive CG
  • Refined Sole Grind Options
  • 1-Year Guarantee / True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Shaft / New Decade Multi-Compound with Blue/White BV Wings

Spin Milled Grooves

The SM8 grooves are meticulously engineered and cut to the edge to maximize spin and provide superior control on all wedge shots. Micro-grooves are individually cut in between the grooves, to give a better spin on partial shots. The wedge is then heat-treated around the impact area to double the durability of the groove without impacting the feel. Each wedge is uniformly inspected to ensure the wedge complies with the rules of golf

Reimagined Progressive CG

Each wedge aligns the CG into the impact position of each loft, to produce precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel. The SM8 takes the next step in this philosophy by lengthening the hosel and applying a Tungsten weight in the toe to counterbalance. This provides a high and more forward center of gravity position which boosts the moment of inertia by up to 7%. Producing a more solid feel, improved ball flight, and a clubface that simply wants to square up at impact for more consistent results.

Tour Validated Grinds

Enhanced shot versatility to fit your swing type and course conditions courtesy of Bob's tour proven grinds.

L Grind - Narrow crescent sole with small forward bounce surface and minimal camber. This low bounce grind is designed for the slider swing type and firm conditions.

S Grind - Full sole with straight trailing edge ribbon and moderate heel relief. This mid bounce grind is designed for the slider/neutral swing type and medium/soft conditions.

M Grind - Crescent sole with narrow forward bounce surface and moderate camber. This mid bounce grind is designed for the slider/neutral swing type and firm/medium conditions.

F Grind - Full sole with moderate camber and small trailing edge ribbon. This mid/high grind is designed for the slider/neutral/digger swing type and firm/medium/soft conditions.

K Grind - Wide sole with increased bounce and enhanced camber. This high bounce grind is designed for the neutral/digger swing type and medium/soft conditions.

D Grind - Crescent sole like the M grind with a high measured bounce. This is designed for shot-making versatility

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