2THUMB OG Lite 43 Putter Grips


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Our largest option with the OG LITE range delivering ultimate grip pressure reduction, a common cause of the 'yips'.

Like all other grips in the range, the OG LITE 43 will accommodate all of todays gripping styles, from Conventional, Claw, Left hand low, Prayer etc..

It's non-tapered design will help promote even grip pressure across both hands and by doing so reducing potential wrist action.

The smooth soft-touch almost flat front will aid consistent grip alignment while our Dimax technology will deliver traction when needed down both sides of the grip and a smooth soft-touch front, both design to help you sink more putts.


L279 mm × W43 mm × D28 mm
Weight 85 grams
Material EVA Core with PU Ultra Tac wrap
Colours Black, White

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