Srixon ZX Mark II Hybrid


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Srixon ZX Mk II Golf Hybrid
More Power With Maximum Forgiveness

The Srixon ZX Mk II Golf Hybrid is compact, powerful and incredibly reliable. These new-look ZX Mk II Hybrids inspire confidence and clean strikes to keep you in the game.

Increase ball speed and distance on every strike with Rebound Frame. The Dual Flex Zones focuses more energy into the golf ball at impact, creating a purer energy transfer. New shaping allowed Srixon to position more mass deeper in the clubhead, raising launch for higher, longer shots. A new face radius spanning from the leading edge to the crown provides more consistent spin on shots struck high or low, giving you more dependable distance from shot to shot.

Built on input from our professional staff, these ZX Mk II Hybrids have an appealing footprint, neutral face angle, and squared-off toe. It's a Hybrid designed to suit a skilled player's eye and inspire confidence as you address your most challenging shots.

Fitted as standard with Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Red shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.

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