Titleist TSR2 Fairway


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Titleist TSR2 Golf Fairway Wood
High Launch With Forgiving Performance

The Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood offers maximum forgiveness, with the lowest CG of any Titleist Fairway for great speed and higher flight without creating excessive backspin. A new Open Hosel Construction contributes to a powerful new sound and feel that make TSR2 an instant favourite for many players.

The new Open Hosel design removes unwanted weight, located high and towards the heel, freeing Titleist engineers to make sizable improvements to multiple areas of performance. A simple change that unlocks impressive rewards. The most significant change for TSR2 fairways is a dramatic shift in CG to produce our lowest ever for an all-steel construction. This move creates fast, high, pure ball flight - without the excessive backspin a typical deep CG club would impart.

The engineering improvements in TSR2 Fairways produce more than better ball flight - they also help create a more powerful sound and feel. Players get the lively response they are looking for from every strike.

The featured shafts for TSR represent a complete range of high-performance options from Tour-trusted manufacturers. Every player and swing profile can be fit to an ideal match. Manufactured by Graphite Design, the premium shafts utilize exclusive TORAYCA™ carbon fibres and other advanced materials to produce elite performance dynamics. Players can choose between three distinct launch and spin profiles to optimise their ball flight.

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