Titleist TSR3 Hybrid


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Titleist TSR3 Golf Hybrid
Precision Tuning With More Adjustability

The new TSR hybrids continue to raise the bar with advancements and refinements that will benefit all players seeking long iron alternatives. The versatility and gapping options offered in the TSR hybrid line-up make for a seamless transition in players' bags from TSR drivers and fairways.

TSR3 has A flatter trajectory, and a refined shape inspired by popular predecessors. Highly adjustable, featuring a new 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System that allows players to dial in their ideal setup. Tailored to players seeking workability and precision, the TSR3 hybrid has a refined tour-inspired shape that gives players the confidence to hit any shot. The TSR3 hybrids feature an iron-like hybrid profile inspired by popular predecessors, and a slight reduction in offset helps improve performance. Designed to be more stable due to a higher inertia body, preventing deflection and twist when playing from difficult conditions.

Added sole relief pockets on both TSR2 and TSR3 are designed to move the club faster through all rough conditions, heavy or light. Less surface area means less friction and less chance to drag or grab, also resulting in smooth turf interaction from the fairway. Amazing sound and feel are paramount in the design of a superior golf club. Both hybrids have been tuned to deliver the acoustic and physical feedback each player needs to develop consistency and trust.

The TSR3 Hybrid comes fitted as standard with a choice of 3 featured shaft options with characteristics to suit every type of player.

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